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I love cooking and trying new things. Whether that be trying new flavors from around the world or finding other ways to cook ingredients that I am already familiar with, it's like a fun little adventure in my own kitchen.  Usually, MY exploration process is not so much...

Look at that.  Look at it.  All those mushrooms and noodles and creamy dreaminess...

 It's so good too.  Like, really really good, if I may say so myself and, on top of amazing taste, it's really hassle free and pretty quick to make too, making it a common dinner o...

January 21, 2015

I always like to tell people that all they need for dinner is lean protein and lots of vegetables in order to start the rebuild and repair process that happens while we sleep.  For so long, we've been attached to the idea that we have to have a meal with a few sides or...

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