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January 21, 2015

I always like to tell people that all they need for dinner is lean protein and lots of vegetables in order to start the rebuild and repair process that happens while we sleep.  For so long, we've been attached to the idea that we have to have a meal with a few sides or...

November 12, 2014

The Brit (AKA Hubby) made this one night while I was working late and it was great to come home to an already-made dinner.  In our house, The Brit is not The Chef although he can certainly prep chef like a pro, make a mean omelet as well as a couple of basic recipes......

This one is a slow cooker recipe and one of my family favorites!  SUPER easy and ends up being a fall back on nights that I have a lot of sessions or office work.  


*2 large, organic chicken breasts, defrosted or frozen (or use one per person)


Looking to make the best smoothies?  Look no further for some great tips and tricks to make great tasting smoothies AND save some money!  Can't beat that.

Super Smoothie Tips:

1. Mix your greens and good fats--like avocados and coconut oil--in with your fruits. You...

I love soup.  To an (almost) extreme degree. I could eat it all year round.  Luckily, it is still cool out so this is still a nice way to warm up for lunch or dinner!

No dairy, all clean/primal/Paleo approved!  For my vegetarian and vegan friends, you can abso...

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