When was the last time you were on a diet? 

Did the results last after the diet was over?  Did you have to follow a strict meal plan?...Was it even HEALTHY for your body and mind?  

Most diet and nutrition plans are lists of foods that--let's face it--you may or may not even like, that then have to be tracked, counted, weighed and you often end up hungry and feeling deprived.  Most nutrition guidance doesn't even teach you HOW to eat and implement habits that create lasting results.   

You deserve more.

With nutrition coaching, you and I will be in a collaborative relationship, working together as you build your body's "owner's manual."  In this process, you will find habits and skills that integrate into your lifestyle that work for YOU.  No crash diets or ridiculous meal plans.

It all starts with you--your goals, lifestyle, and needs.  This is where your Owner's Manual begins.  I will develop a personalized blueprint to start the process in helping you shop, eat move and LIVE better.  Over the course of the program, that owner's manual will grow to become your personalized manual to better health! 

No diet dogma!  As a Precision Nutrition certified coach, I support your personal dietary choices, whether you are plant-powered or Paleo! YOU get to decide how to implement the skills to your lifestyle! 

With your personalized plan and our small group accountability, you will learn how to eat to support your goals without weighing your food, counting calories or following an impossible meal plan.

Precision Nutrition represents the best in nutritional coaching and information, tested and proven with over 100,000 clients. The research-driven program is based on the latest in nutrition, exercise, and psychology research.

Complex nutritional goals will be broken into small daily practices.  While this may seem simple, these daily practices will yield big results and body transformations!  With consistent habits, you'll form a new, healthy lifestyle that lasts!

Whether your goals are to lose weight; gain muscle mass; increase performance on or off the field; or just feel better all around, nutrition coaching with RockIt Fitness can get you there! 

Nutrition Services 

Small Group Nutrition Classes

Over the course of 8 weeks of 60 minute classes, you, me and up to 9 others will be working on building your individual "Owner's Manual" so that you have skills and habits that work best for YOU.  A master class in habit change, you'll finish this program in better shape than you ever thought possible, confident with the new skills you have been easily integrating into your lifestyle! 


Two payment options are available:

$20 per class 

$140 prepaid for the 8 weeks  

1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching

Maybe you are unable to commit to weekly classes or have only a couple of areas to work on, the 1-on-1 coaching option will build habit-based nutrition guidance directly addressing your goals.  


Customized nutrition coaching is purchased in 6 week and 16 week blocks and includes a 45 to 60 minute nutrition consultation before the first block begins.  In this consultation, we will assess what your dietary habits currently are, find your strengths and hurdles you currently have and then structure a plan for the 6 week block.  Structure of the program will depend on your goals and how changes occur in that block of time.  Depending on your goals and focus, nutrition coaching may include the following: weekly or semi-weekly check-in, email support, weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls and access to the members' Facebook group. 
6 weeks--$250

16 weeks--$600 (best value!)

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