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About RockIt

Hello and Welcome to the RockIt Fitness Community! 

I'm Laurel and I'm the owner and head coach around here.   


To be perfectly honest, I might seem like an unlikely coach.  But I'd like to give you my "Why."  Why I do what I do.  Strap in, dear reader--It's a vulnerable story but it all comes together, I promise.  I risk putting myself out here in this way, which is probably so much more than you might care to know or read, because, while the details might change, maybe someone, maybe you, might read this and recognize yourself in some of it.      


I didn't play team sports or have early experiences in the weight room.  I was the band and drama club kid.  The only sporty thing I did was reluctantly take P.E. and try not to embarrass myself.  


While health and wellness intrigued me--I made programs for invisible clients from my grandmother's diet book, a relic from the 70s with sketchy advice--I was too nervous to actually act because, gyms.  Fitness. BEING ATHLETIC. *palms sweat*


Originally, I wanted to be a chef and share my love for people through good food and maybe even get into nutrition.  Unfortunately, that didn't work out and nether did my first boyfriend.  In the heartbroken, life-won't-go-on way at which 19 year old teens excel, I threw myself into working out with no clue what I was doing and for all the wrong reasons.  That's when I started taking dance classes again like it was my part-time job and it all changed around for me.  


I learned to love the process of fitness, not just striving for a result at the end of the day.  I learned that if I put better food in my body, I felt better.  When I was fit and strong, I became a better dancer and I *glowed.*  I changed my major to Health and Human Performance and became a personal trainer and wellness coach.  

I became a coach because I had to change everything I did and, while it was a process, it has completely transformed everything about my life for the better.  I want that transformation for others.  That's why I am the kind of coach that I am today and why I started RockIt Fitness.  I wanted to be a coach to help clients, not just in the gym but the other 23 hours of the day too.  I wanted RockIt to be an inviting and inclusive place for everyone.     


RockIt Fitness is a boutique training facility that goes beyond just "grinding it out" in the gym to really connect, educate and inspire its members. 

My training philosophy is based on 4 pillars: Movement, Nutrition, Mindset and Recovery. This philosophy is very important to me as it takes a whole body and lifestyle approach to coaching. My mission is to teach members how to move better and move often in order to be healthy, strong, and empowered!


RockIt members are the kind of people who are looking for something different in their training experience. They want to move better and more efficiently; to enjoy life, activities they love and to play with their kids; they want to eat better but in a REAL way instead of  crash diets that make them feel worse; they want to belong to a community with people who care; to enjoy the training journey, smash goals and have some fun and laughs while doing it!


Sound like your kind of place? Get in touch and let me know how I can help you reach your goals!



More about me? I am a certified personal trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association with a degree in Health and Human Performance and 10 years experience in the field. I am also a Level 1 Precision Nutrition coach; Phase 1 certified Functional Movement Systems (FMS) as well as an MMA conditioning specialist. I am currently in completion of my Health and Wellness Coach certification through Wellcoaches (projected completion Spring 2019.)

The Fine Print...

Although I am a certified personal trainer and educated in the field of health and human performance, this information is not to substitute the advice of a medical professional.  I do my best to read new scientific information all the time and present what is scientifically sound and accepted at the present time although I do often write through the lens of my education and experiences.  Please know that information changes sometimes so old blogs, posts and information may not be the most recent findings.  


The workouts that I post are for educational or demonstration purposes only and written with the average Joe/Jane in mind.  If you have medical conditions, injuries past or present, or are a beginner to exercise, PLEASE omit and modify exercises as nessessary.  The use or non-use of any information on this site is solely at your own risk.  RockIt Fitness accepts no responsibility for injury or loss due to attempting anything you see or read on this website.

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