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I'm taking an informal survey, if you'd like to participate. The question is "Who loves food?"

Chances are, you answered that with an emphatic "Ooo! Ooo! MEEEE!!!"

If you didn't, you're either wrong, not being true to yourself or you are a food hater. Food haters are more rare than unicorns and so therefore I go back to either you're wrong or lying to yourself.

Follow up question: "Are you confused by nutrition and the constant debates about it?" Your answers to this may vary but, with new information coming out all the time, things can get a little cloudy, even for people in the field of nutrition. But at least we can all agree that we love food then, yes? Well, good. That's a great starting point!

To my fellow foodies, welcome. Being a fitness and wellness site, you're going to see some food stuff. It's all part of being healthy. A huge part actually. So, if we're not talking about nutrition and all the amazing things you can do for your body and health through food, I wouldn't be doing my job correctly. I wish that knowing the ins and outs of nutrition were as easy as knowing whether or not you like how something tastes. Could you imagine?! If it tastes good, you can eat it and it's healthy. I'd be the first one on the Krispy Kreme diet. For realz.

Alas, it doesn't work like that my friends. Bummer. In fact, many of the foods that we typically think taste good and you might be used to eating aren't doing your health--or your waistline--any favors. And let me just say it now---to all my fellow "high-metabolism, I-can-eat-whatever-I-want Skinny Minnies" out there: ya gotta get out of that mind set as fast as you can. I used to think like that and it's toxic and untrue. Google "normal-weight obesity".

Fortunately though, healthy doesn't mean that it has to be tasteless and boring. Far from! In fact, once you get your sugar cravings kicked, you'll actually be able to taste things. I mean, like really taste how food is supposed to and experience it all over again...for the first time...kinda like that Foreigner song...

RockIt Fuel (see what I did there?) is based on eating REAL food and the science of using it as fuel for your body. Not abusing it to make you feel good on a crappy day. Not to be an unsustainable faddy crash diet you do over a 6 week period. NOPE! We're kicking sugar, inflammation, processed foods and the "typical" Western diet and trading it in for clean, organic, non-processed foods in order to reclaim our health, fuel our bodies for exercise and daily living and lose weight! It's mostly Paleo (and we'll talk about what that means later) and it's all clean.

This is where it starts. Small steps, one at a time. Day by day, week by week. Please believe that I have come a long way from where I was. If you knew what junk food and Southern comfort food I ate on a daily basis, your jaw would drop faster than my Georgian grandmother could say "bless your heart." I am not perfect, but I am on the right path and am a daily work in progress. To start your progress, look for recipes posted here in my blog with RockIt Fuel in the title. Let me know what you think about the recipes and share them with friends and family if you enjoy them!



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