Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This one is a slow cooker recipe and one of my family favorites! SUPER easy and ends up being a fall back on nights that I have a lot of sessions or office work.


*2 large, organic chicken breasts, defrosted or frozen (or use one per person)

*Braggs' brand liquid aminos (more natural and healthy alternative to soy sauce which happens to also be GMO-free!)

*1 teaspoon crushed or chopped garlic (approximately 2 to 3 cloves)

*Sirracha sauce

*1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds, unshelled

*Dried oregano and basil (a few sprinkles across the chicken breasts)

*One whole red, yellow, OR orange bell pepper, sliced into strips

*1/2 cucumber, cut into small strips

*Butter Lettuce leaves

*Optional: teaspoon raw honey

Because I'm a notorious non-measure-er and just go by sight, use your judgement in the amount of ingredients that you use, espeically the sauces like the Sirracha and liquid aminos (usually I use a liberal drizzle of both).

Simply combine all ingredients together with the exception of the pepper, cucumber and lettuce then set to whatever heat setting accomodates your schedule. I usually will do 4 or 6 hours, depending on if the chicken is frozen or not. Place your already prepped peppers and cucumbers in a container and store them in the fridge until you're ready for dinner!

When the chicken is fully cooked, shred by using 2 forks and pulling the meat apart, while dipping it through the sauces and juices in the bottom of the slow cooker. The chicken should shred very easily. Now you can enjoy your amazing chicken wraps by putting meat, cucumber and pepper into a leaf of butter lettuce. Enjoy (with a couple of napkins!)

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