Today's Run Brought To You By The Tuxedo T-Shirt

Today I had my first experience with passing another runner. For those of you who are surprised by the length of time that it has taken for this first experience to happen, I've got to admit that I'm right there with you!

It has been a little while since I've gone for a run but I laced up the Nikes, popped the earbuds in and hit the pavement. Not long into the run, I happened to notice another runner on the other side of the street running towards me. Not being a very experienced runner, I wasn't sure how to react per "Runner Code." Do I wave? Is it like Corvette and Harley owners who have their own "in-the-club" salute? As our running paces brought us closer to each other, I decided that it was probably most acceptable to keep my eyes ahead and just foc--is that a tuxedo t-shirt?!

Yes, indeed, my running comrade was wearing a tuxedo t-shirt accessorized with funky white framed square sunglasses. The sleeves were non-existant of course because, you know, "sun's out, guns out" but there it was, in all it's cheesy glory and I feel that it was like a flag of motivation. Somehow. Not sure how but I felt empowered. For a while...Then I wanted to stop.

For some running humor, check out the 75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out For A Run. I definitely have had almost every single one of these. Now I can add #10 and #11...

Have any of you ever had an interesting or funny experience while running?

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