Cucumber Hummus Snack-splosion

I have no clue what clever name I should have for this amazing little combo except "holy freaking cow please make me another." So if you think of something, please let me know and I would be happy to rename it. The Brit is great at putting together often unusual combinations of flavors and turning it into a little snack (in fact, he's next to me right now eating slices of cucumber in last night's leftover chili. I'm not gonna lie--it actually smells awesome.) I admire his ingenuity.

This particular little gem here was invented after we both got home late from work and he helped me make dinner by playing prep chef and assembling these bad boys....

All it is are slices of cucumber dipped in your choice of hummus with a Trader Joe's plaintain chip smooshed on top. If you wanna get crazy, put a drop of Sirracha on top of the chip for a little kick.

My only warning: eat in moderation. This is an addictive combo and plantain chips alone are hard to put down so only have a few--not 10--to fill the gap between meals.

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