The Advanced 7 Minute Workout

In fall of 2014, The New York Times was itching for a new 7 minute workout routine that its busy readers could do. Enter Mark Verstegen, owner and president of EXOS, a sports performance and health company based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Mark Verstegen is considered one of the best in the world at what he does so when this "new and improved" 7 minute workout came out with his name on it, I sat up and took notice.

Some of you may have seen the first 7 Minute Workout floating around on the internet, Pinterest or from Dr. Oz. It was an entire bodyweight workout that only used a wall and a chair. Each exercise was performed for 30 seconds followed by a 10 second rest. I even did a video breakdown of it over a year ago in real time:

At the time that I did the video, I concluded that it was a great workout if you were pressed for time or equipment or as a good finisher to your strength workout. But neither the 7 minute workout or it's more advanced big brother should be the only workout that you do. Your workout program should consist of different components--resistance training, walking/running, biking, swimming, yoga, etc.--as well as appropriately progressed volumes, reps and sets of work.

This time around, the 7 minute workout gets a pair of dumbbells added to it along with exercises that are more technically demanding...thus an *advanced* 7 Minute Workout. Because of this, I recommend knowing each exercise very well and having good form to be able to properly perform this workout without getting hurt. Garbage in = garbage out so be careful!

Here are the list of exercises and the length of time each one is to be performed:

1. Reverse lunge, Elbow to instep, and rotation, alternating sides (30 seconds)

2. Lateral pillar bridge, left side (30 seconds)

3. Push-up to row to burpee (60 seconds)

4. Lateral pillar bridge, right side (30 seconds)

5. Single-leg Romanian dead lift to curl to press (60 seconds on each leg)

6. Plank with arm lift (30 seconds)

7. Lateral lunge to overhead triceps extension (60 seconds)

8. Bent over row, alternating arms (60 seconds)

Unlike the original 7 minute workout, there is not a uniform amount of time to perform exercises or to rest. You should be moving quickly and efficently, all the while making sure you are doing everything with good form. As your fitness improves, so will the speed of your workout, making this a very scalable workout for those who aren't as advanced as others. Just do what you can in the time allotted and move to the next exercise.

For a real time demonstration of the full workout, just click on the video below! (Watch in HD for best viewing!)


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